Spring 2018 
Racing Schedule

 Below is the preliminary schedule of indoor erg sprints and Spring Sprint regattas that we will take part in as a club this season.  We will be selecting crews for the Varsity, Novice, and Middle School categories for all races except for HPG's Middle School Regatta on April 21st which is open to middle school crews only.  Select crews only will  travel to SouthEast Regionals.  A practice commitment will be required for anyone wanting to race in any category. Travel and overnight stays are required for some events. 
  1. 17
    Indoor Erg Sprints - TC Williams HS - Alexandria, VA
    Travel on Fri Feb 16th required.
  2. 24
    Jamestown - Indoor Erg Sprints - High Point, NC
  3. 31
    Clemson Sprints, Clemson, SC
    Friday night arrival reqd 7:00am Sat.
  4. 14
    NC Youth Rowing Champs, High Point NC
    7:30am Sat.
  1. 21
    HPG Middle School Regatta - High Point, NC
    Middle School only 7:30am
  2. 28/29
    Dogwood Junior Championships - OakRidge TN
    Fri. April 27th travel re'd
  3. 12/13
    South East Regionals - Sarasota Fl - Select Crews
    Friday night arrival
  4. TBC
    End of Spring Season Team Party